Tomorrow is a Double election Day

This is to inform all Deleyti Fethi Eritreans of Seattle that tomorrow, August 18th, 2019, is the awaited date, on which, we have to elect our Deleyti Fethi leadership for the next year, and also to elect three delegates to represent our city at a national level.   

In consideration of the present, volatile political situation in Eritrea,  involving the safety of many young high school students, who, for the first time, are gallantly defying the non ending  Sawa Military Service  program, it is imperative for us all, in the Diaspora, to rush for unity, and save the lives of  the young students steadfast on their  admirable decisions


Historically speaking, we had  shamelessly betrayed those Eritrean  heroes,  like Bitewoded Abraha, Wedi Ali, Aboy Haji Musa and others, who sacrificed their lives, thinking that we will follow their moves, but we failed them, which should  haunt us forever. The fact that the Yeakel Movement, which is spearheaded by our youth and females has become highly inspirational for us, but it is incumbent upon us all, not to lose its momentum.      


The first sign of our unity is, to practically attend all  public meetings of national concern,  starting tomorrow's. Again, we mean saving the lives of  hundreds, if not thousands, of endangered  young students in Eritrea, which is a matter of  individual moral imperativeness.  


Hence, we see you tomorrow at the public meeting.


Address  of  meeting: 3515 South Alaska Street, Seattle,

                                    Washington, 98118.

Time : Exactly 2: 30 pm

Eritreans  for Unity, Justice and Salvation, Seattle Branch.


Thank you very much.