Three Generations of Refugees

10 Apr 2018

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And yet, in our ongoing list there is one group of people we have overlooked more than any other – that is the plight of the Eritrean refugees in Sudan and Yemen. Eritrea is said to be the second largest refugee producing country in the world after Syria, and “one of the world's fastest-emptying nations,” according to the Wall ...

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22 Jan 2018

Our people inside and outside the country wake up every morning intensely  absorbed in serious worries, and anxious to know what Atse Isias has done to the country while they were asleep. Did he start a new war with a neighbouring country? Did he lease a territory or the borders of the country to a foreign power or foreign powers? Did he send their kids as mercenaries to another country to be the cannon fodder for a cause that has no meaning to them but enriches his political fortune and wealth?

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Practicing National Dialogues –The tool for democratising a society

01 Apr 2018


The word ” dialogue” derives from the Latin term ” dialogos” which means ” the flow of meaning.” The practice of dialogue enables the true meaning or deeper significance of something to flow and come into being. Through dialogue our natural intelligence is able to reveal itsllf. Our humanity is afforded the possibility of recognizing itself. Dialogue offers different interests an opportunity to interact in a non-adversarial way when opposing issues are at stake.

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About 280 results (0.16 seconds) Search Results Story image for eritrean news from Citizen Dutch expel top Eritrean diplomat over 'diaspora tax' row

18 Jan 2018

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“In light of the continuous intimidation and force used in the collection of diaspora tax and its resulting social and political unrest, the cabinet is forced to give the Eritrean government a powerful signal,” Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra said. Therefore the Eritrean charge d'affaires Tekeste Ghebremedhin Zemuy “has ...

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Search Results Sudan rejects accusations of supporting Eritrean opposition group

25 Mar 2018

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Eritrean information ministry Friday said Sudan and Qatar have established a military training camp for an opposition group led Eritrean Islamist Mohammed Jumma. Also, Asmara claimed that Doha provided Sudan with three Mig fighters and funding a joined Sudanese Ethiopian force deployed along the border with Sudan ...

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Sudan closes border with Eritrea due to alleged weapons smuggling

07 Jan 2018

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... Sudan declared a six-month state of emergency in the border regions of Kassala and North Kordufan. Osman said the closing was to curb rebel activities, alleging that Egyptian forces and rebels from Sudan's restive Darfur province were deployed along the Eritrean border with the aim of topping President Omar al-Bashir.

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Starving migrant dies of malnutrition after arriving in Italy

14 Mar 2018

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he organisation's founder Oscar Camps had announced Segan's death in a Sicilian hospital on Twitter on Tuesday: “He was Eritrean and he had spent 19 months in Libya.” Many of those rescued by the Spanish NGO's boat and taken to Pozzallo port in Sicily were suffering from malnutrition, exhaustion and dehydration.

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Sudan deploys thousands of militiamen on border with Eritrea

06 Jan 2018

RSF fighters deployed in Kassala State on Thursday 4 January 2018 (ST Photo)

January 5, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan has deployed thousands of government militia Rapid Support Forces (RSF) fighters to the eastern state of Kassala on the border with Eritrea.

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Young Eritreans arrested over funeral of man who died in prison

10 Mar 2018

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The Diae Al Islam school is a community-funded institution whose leadership, parents and students have all kicked against attempts to regulate the school. Eritrea's information minister in responding to the incident described the incident as a “small demonstration by one school in Asmara dispersed without ...

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03 Jan 2018

Leaving home has never been new to Eritreans. Though there are no data available, we might assume that it could be traced as back as the 1940s and 1950s and the physical mobility was linked to the idea that individuals moved from Western Eritrea to the Sudan, from Semhar and Dankalia to the Middle East, and from the Eritrean highlands to the Ethiopian plateau, looking for greener pastures.  With the advent of 1960s,

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Former Minister's Reported Death Highlights Eritrea's Secret Prisons

08 Mar 2018

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The reported death of an Eritrean political prisoner has shined a spotlight on the country's secret prison system, where some of the nation's founders have been held without trial for more than 16 years. In February, news began circulating on social media that Haile "Durue" Woldensae, a fighter in Eritrea's liberation struggle ...

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Modern Education Development, Challenges and Current State in Eritrea (1839 to 2016)

30 Dec 2017

In 1962 Ethiopia finally annexed Eritrea, thereafter the progress of education started to go into reverse as educators became the target of repression, incarceration and torture  in the late 1950s.  The situation became extremely hostile for any kind of open youth activism inside Eritrea during the 30 years of Ethiopian occupation, Prior to annexation,  even though  the Ethiopia government tried to  hamper the development of education, during academic year 1961/62, the total number of students reached 38,000 of which 1,372 were in academic high schools and vocational institutions (see Statistical Abstract, Addis Ababa, 1963) p.106.,

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07 Mar 2018

n a series of strongly-worded memoranda to regional and international organization as well as to concerned countries, the Eritrean People's Democratic Party (EPDP) continued in January and February this year firmly calling for urgent attention and action to help in finding a solution to Eritrean refugees stranded in Israel. Those included in the EPDP appeals were the European Union, the African Union, the UN agency for refugees-UNHCR as well as coun

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Human rights activist Haile Kiflai receives Canada 150 Award

25 Dec 2017

Human rights activist Haile Kiflai receives Canada 150 Award

Haile Kiflai received a Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Award of Recognition from Kitchener Centre Liberal MP Raj Saini on December 9, 2017 for the tremendous contribution he has made in the areas of advocacy for human rights, refugees, community service, and the  volunteer work he has done to assist Eritrean Canadians.


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Seyoum Harestai and Pals Gathered in Akriya 55 years Ago -- for Demonstration!!

19 Dec 2017

As we, old comrades-in-struggle of Patriot Seyoum Ogbamichael (Harestai) solemnly mark today, 17 December 2017, the 12th year of his sudden and untimely passing away in a poorly-equipped Addis Ababa hospital, we do remember him for so many vividly memorable deeds and events, some of them resonating well with the Akriya of 31 October 2017. Martyr Seyoum was present with his schoolmates at a meeting of student demonstrators in Akriya 55 years ago!! And, ironically, those schoolmates of Seyoum included Eritrea's autocrat, Isaias Afeworki, who is today against everything that his generation dreamt of. Seyoum's schoolmates in May 1962 included: Woldedawit, Michael Ghaber, Mussie Tesfamichael, Haile and Isaias.
As every genuine patriot worth his/her salt would confirm it - and forgetting the bla bla of

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Close to a Thousand-People Arrested at Haji Musa’s Funeral

06 Mar 2018

Thousands of people participated in the burial of Hajji Musa Mohammed Nur, the Nonagenarian chairman of the Al-Dia School. He was buried on Saturday at the Sheikh Al Amin burial grounds in Asmara.

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Abdurahman Younis: My Proud Friend Moves On

16 Dec 2017

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Amm Abdu's fate is a depiction of the fate of many Eritrean elders. The death of several of his peers was hastened by the inhuman, and monstrous regime lording over Eritrea: Hassen Kekia, Sunabera and Captain Ahmed Faras are among the many octogenarians who scared the ruling party, before they were scared by ...

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The role of military and security forces in transition from dictatorship to democracy

16 Dec 2017

The role played by the Zimbabwe military and security forces shows that how much the military leadership who led the downfall of the Mugabe dictatorship were professional and preserving national interests instead of serving the dictatorship. This shows that Zimbabwe military was not corrupted by bribes, spoils of office, ethnic manipulation of appointments and promotions. Comparing the Eritrean military and security forces with that of Zimbabwe, the Eritrean military is not professional but enforced paramilitaries loyal to the regime or serving the interests of the regime.

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The Afar cultural genocide in Eritrea prompts new united efforts against Eritrean government

03 Mar 2018

March 1, 2018 | Following months of talks and intense negotiations, several political action groups opposed to the historical persecution and ethnic-cleansing of the Indigenous Afar people in the African pariah state of Eritrea, have agreed to focus their collective efforts under the banner of a new organization: the Eritrean Afar National Congress (EANC).


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10 Dec 2017

Our region has witnessed the demise of two former brutal dictators within a couple of weeks. The first was the demise of  the 93-year old President Robert Mugabe (Born February 21, 1924), who was removed by a military coup, supported by a mass unrest, after ruling for 37 years as a brutal dictator,

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27 Feb 2018

Atse Isias’s most destructive aspect of brutal dictatorship (we will hopefully soon speak about his legacy) is his failure to deliver on the goals of the Eritrean Revolution and the aspirations of the people. After more of a quarter of a century, the country, which everybody hoped will become a shining light on the African hill,   remains at the bottom of the African ladder in everything: social-economic conditions, political freedoms, rule of law, and protection of human rights;

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United Eritrean Americans in WA State

04 Dec 2017

We, the undersigned, Americans in the state of Washington, urgently petition you on behalf of Diaa Islamic school and its custodians who are being subjected to severe religious persecution.

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Are Eritrea government spies posing as refugee interpreters?

27 Feb 2018

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Simon Rezene, an interpreter and spokesperson for the East African Refugees group, estimates that more than half of the interpreters working with Italy's immigration services are hired by the Eritrean government. Estefanos puts that figure at 80 percent, across Europe. Human rights groups often compare ...

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Bay Area Eritrean for Democratic Change invites you to its 4th Congress

01 Dec 2017


Board of directors Election

Bylaw changes and amendments

Activities of the organization

 Financial Report

resources of the organization

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Solemnly Remembering Patriot Haile Woldetinsae (DuruE)

25 Feb 2018

Any news from Eritrea has never been good for a very long time now. The latest is, according to a usually reliable insider-source close to, the  committed national patriot Haile Woldetinsae (DureE) or, sadly, 'Era-Ero Prisoner No. 4', died and was reportedly buried in the night of 25 January, 2018. The source also listed four names of  prison guards who buried his body as Michael Worede, Tinsue Tewelde, Osman Omar and Medhanie Mehari. Assenna's source, known in the social media as 'Sactism', promised to come with more details in the coming weeks. If this is confirmed, Haile's body finally gave up struggle to see another day after spending painful 16 years, 4 months and 7 days in the deep darkness of a prison cell isolated from all living beings.

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EUDC condemns the act of slavery in Libya

26 Nov 2017

We-the Eritrean Unity for Democratic Change (EUDC) are shocked by the news and video clips circulating in mass media. Although we have been crying out loud about the inhumane treatment of African brothers and sisters in the hands of Bodoween in Libya, we hoped with the intervention of all peace loving and law abiding citizens of the international community would get better. To our dismay, the situation has become worse. In fact it escalated beyond belief to the extent that Africans are now being sold in an open slave auction.

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The mysterious death of Mahmoud Ibrahim Muhammad Saeed (Chekini)

14 Feb 2018

Mahmoud Ibrahim Muhammad Saeed (Chekini was born in Keren in 1940 from the Habab tribe of Betasghade family and his great grandfather is kentebay Gergis. Chekini completed his elementary and junior education in Keren,   thereafter he moved to Asmara to purse his secondary education at Jalia Arabic secondary school. During his student time he was a good footballer in Keren as well as in Asmara.

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23 Nov 2017

Nevsun Resources Ltd. has over 18 years of partnership with a brutal dictatorshipthat runs the country and controls 40% of the mine. The Eritrean regime has used conscripted military labor in the mine and Nevsun has been profiting with a slave labor for almost two decades.

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Eritrea: Exploring the divisions rooted in its past history

10 Feb 2018

The process towards unifying all the forces for democratic change in the Eritrean Opposition Camp failed in all its efforts in the past two decades. The struggle from dictatorship to democracy requires skills and knowledge about the identity rooted divisions and their management.

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Eritrean diaspora stages protest in the Swedish capital

18 Nov 2017

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Stockholm, Sweden - Hundreds of Eritreans gathered outside the embassy of the east African nation in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Friday to protest ...

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Israel issues deportation notices to African migrants

07 Feb 2018

Israel has started issuing deportation notices to African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan. On Sunday, the first wave of notices were distributed to men who are in the country without families, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

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Ethiopia allows anti-Eritrea march to AU despite protest ban

16 Nov 2017

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Ethiopia allows anti-Eritrea march to A.U. despite protest ban ... Ethiopia's security forces granted permission for Eritrean refugees and opposition ...

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06 Feb 2018

It is our fundamental belief that any Eritrean citizen has the right and should have the freedom to support or oppose the government, irrespective of who he/she is.  Nonetheless, experience has shown that it is sometimes very difficult to resist the temptation to react to some negative remarks made out of erroneous ideological positions and narrow political contexts; not out of particular knowledge or reasonable familiarity with the situation addressed.

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Eritrean leader pans Israel's migrant deportation plan

01 Feb 2018

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Eritrea's president in a rare interview Wednesday expressed his displeasure with Israel's plan to deport tens of thousands of African migrants, saying they deserve far more than the $3,500 offered to leave. President Isaias Afwerki's interview, which was posted on a government website, said the migrants ...


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