The most optimum path leading Briged Nhamedu to Fruition

The Eritrean Briged Nhamedu is a struggle of the Eritrean Mass Movement Task Force  (ሓይሊ ዕማም)  that most of whom have paid untold prices to subsist and strive in Eritrea,

a country which is unfortunately ruled by an iron fisted dictator, who unilaterally, self proclaimed president for life. The dictator’s army of tugs in Eritrea have terrorized and brutalized the people of Eritrea in general, and the youth, children and women in particular. Under the dictator’s rule in Eritrea, there is no independent news, no independent newspapers, no internet and people couldn’t even congregate in more than three people. So, life in Eritrea became totally unbearable. Therefore, the young people had no choice, but to continuously flee the country to wherever their feet lead them to.    

While fleeing the country for safety, that phenomenon gave Isayas Afeworki’s highly corrupt and toxic colonels and generals great business opportunity, to actively conduct human trafficking and selling organs of the fleeing youngsters to the highest bidder. Some of the fleeing youngsters were heading on their journey to Israel via the Sinai desert, and they were facing untold problems, including detentions, tortures, and even deaths at great proportions, while others were perishing in the Mediterranean Season on their way to Western democracies. While the Eritrean high brass echelons were conducting such unethical and immoral lucrative business enterprises, none of them was caught and brought to justice in Eritrea, because such criminal activities were done with tacit approval of the cardinal of sin dictator, in Eritrea.  

After enduring such horror experiences starting from Eritrea until their final destinations, to wherever they landed and granted Refugee status, mostly in the Western democracies. The heinous dictator in Eritrea, exported terrorism from Eritrea in order to follow and spy on the victimized youngsters to wherever they are. From wherever they may be, they are forced to pay 2% tax to the Eritrean government. They are not even allowed to go to any Eritrean churches of their choice, unless the particular church is approved by the Eritrean Orthodox Synods in Eritrea. Surprisingly, their proxies are by design placed in some courts, private and government institutions where language translations and interpretations are involved, and they sabotage them to fail by misinterpreting their statements. Even in the democratic countries, they do not allow them to live in peace, without Isayas Afeworki’s agents making their lives miserable and difficult. Such horrible stories could not be covered by volumes of books, let alone by this article of limited scope. 
                                                        BODY  (ትንተና )

Now, Briged Nhamedu members are by circumstance compelled to form a peoples’ Movement in the Diaspora, and as time progressed, their vision and unwavering commitment to their clear goal of nothing less than a regime change in Eritrea, has earned them a tremendous respect and overwhelming support and understanding of all hues of the Eritrean demographics. Surprisingly, without even an application of reasonable plans, approaches and strategies in place, for the purpose of agitating, mobilizing, organizing and engaging the society, the Eritrean people, have on their own volution embraced and empowered the Movement to a higher level.

We have to realize, though, that the biggest challenges of the Eritrean opposition camps, in the last 32 years, was to attract the Eritrean masses to join the opposition camps. With the advent of the Briged Nhamedu, however, we are witnessing a ground swelling of public support, which is a hallelujah. Such success is in part, due to an accumulation of all past exercises of our elders.        
Therefore, in order to take advantage of the present momentum, the Movement had better get organized, on a city-by-city process, on the basis of a one person one vote membership principle, and a bottom up progression, which guarantees every member has equal rights, opportunities and privileges, in the ownership of the people’s Movement. That means, the concept of the Movement is termed as a movement of the people, by the people, and for the people. This Movement is, however, only a Task Force, not an organization which ultimately grabs political power, until they reach the global stage. If planning and organizing process, on a city by city organizing approach is properly implemented, it will obviously increase public engagement exponentially, and within those involved cities, people know each other and when they elect their leaders, it will be much easier for them to recognize who is practically for government change in Eritrean, and who is not. At each city level, after they draft their By Laws, whose articles guide them run the organizing process optimally.    

 After the city by city organizing process is completed, all the engaged cities in the nation call each other to find out whether reasonable number of cities are organized. In America for example, an estimated number of 80-120 cities could be termed as a reasonable number of participations. Each city sends its representatives to a centrally located city in order to congregate to elect their national representatives. When the national representatives assemble, they will collect each city’s old By Laws, and they will craft a new By Laws, in replacement of the old By Laws of each, represented city.

Hence, the same approach and strategy can be applied to all cities and states for the world over representation. After these representatives of each country of the world will meet at a central city, for global representation meeting, at the global level, some committee members with special skills and technical know-how will be identified and elected, to facilitate a transitional government in absentia, from qualified representative organizations. Those global committee members should possess the right knowledge and skills of, may be a knowledge of algorithm and digital technologies in solving the complex tasks of qualifying the organizations which meet certain set of criteria, and elect a transitional government, in absentia.  It is after the election of the new committee members that the Briged Nhamedu Task Force members will end their valuable task of organizing the masses and leave the stage to the newly elected global committee members. The Briged Nhamedu members will have the option to form their own organization or get disbursed and join other qualified organizations of their choice.                                                                         

At the global representation, every single Eritrean will have the right to participate through representative organizations, if that organizations meets certain set of criteria. The applicable set of criteria will be, that each organization must submit its own By Laws, which clearly show that 1) They should believe in regime change in Eritrea. 2)  That they should be inclusive of members of the nine Eritrean ethnic groups. 3) That it is not allowed to participate on religious grounds. And finally, with a high bar scale of public support, which means an organization must have an example of 30,000.00 number of memberships at a global level. And if the organization cannot meet that benchmark, it can have the opportunity to create a coalition with different organizations that have the nearest philosophical beliefs, until they reach the level of threshold.    
                                                                                  Conclusion (መደምደምታ)
The Briged Nhamedu Movement is a Movement of the people, which is paying the highest price in its struggle of implementing its unwavering goal of regime change, in Eritrea. And it has attracted an extraordinary and unprecedented following around the globe. In order to make it even stronger and powerful, it had better be organized in a centralized fashion, on a city by city organizing process, which is a must do principle. Membership to Briged Nhamedu does not object to becoming a member of any other organization (s) who believe in justice, democracy, and national salvation. With this approach in mind, no single Eritrean who believes in the stated principles will not be left unaccounted for. Briged Nhamedu members are a Task Force who fiercely served in optimizing public participation in the organizing process. When qualified organizations are called to come forth with their By Laws, in order to compete for elections at the global level, Briged Nhamedu members will be given equal opportunity to get organized as well, with their By Laws at hand, to compete with other qualified organizations. Membership fees will be the lowest possible, because memberships are required only for the purpose of enforcing law and order. 

On the mission of Briged Nhamedu, it has to be clearly stated that the main common enemy of the Eritrean people is solely Isaias Afeworki and his handful followers, who are as big as a mountain, and in view of that fact, any conflicts and misunderstandings that may appear among Eritreans working for justice, democracy and national salvation, our main focus must be on those arch enemies, while those trivial misunderstandings should be undermined, and forgotten. Last, but not the least, is that Briged Nhamedu must hire, without any delay an international lawyer with extensive background in International treaties and contracts, in order to help us challenge individuals and governments, who illegally intend to sign any contracts and treaties with Isayas Afeworki, representing the state of Eritrea, while indeed, Isayas Afeworki has no legal authority to sign anything of material value. Isayas has been unilaterally and illegally ruling Eritrea without being elected and without any national constitution or any governmental structure or court of law, for 32years. While he was signing secret contracts and treaties with Ethiopia and some Arab countries, we were shamelessly acting in common, like zombies and dormant, without even trying to know what was in those highly secretive contracts and treaties.               

By implementing the proposed plans, goals and strategies on this piece, Briged Nhamedu’s mission, will undoubtedly be brought into fruition, within not more than six (6) months.   

Brigade Nhamedu will soon triumph 
Long Live to our Martyrs.
Berhe Desta / United States of America
March 23, 2024